The Linux Action Show is back!

If you love Linux, good humour and the occasional technical rant then do I have just the medicine for you. Check out the latest Linux Action Show podcast!

I have been listening to this podcast since they released episode 4 in June of 2006 and I am addicted! So much so that I actually felt just a little sad when Bryan and Chris decided to first cut back to a bi-weekly episode format, and then later their decision to switch to a season format.

I’ve missed them, but now they are back with what they call the 8th season and it’s as good as ever. Episode 1 of series 8 has, among other things, a funny review of the new ASUS eeePC laptop.

You may be suspect, because some podcasts out there are just absolute rubbish with terrible audio and static content. This podcast, however, does not suffer the same fate. Nor is it just an oral reading of last weeks news items. This is a high quality audio recording of great entertainment value and comparable to a really good and funny radio show. You should really, really check it out. You won’t regret it.


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