Missing build configuration dropdown in Visual Studio 2008

My project is using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 for development. For some strange reason the build configuration dropdown does not show up by default in the IDE.

A screenshot of the build configuration dropdown present in the IDE

I found the following procedure online and very helpful. It describes how to get this useful dropdown visible:

  1. In Visual Studio 2008, click “Tools” -> “Options”
  2. Under “Projects and Solutions” -> “General”, check “Show advanced build options”, and click “OK”
  3. Right click anywhere in the blank space of the toolbar and click “Customize…”
  4. In “Commands” tab, select “Build” in “Categories”.
  5. Scroll the right listbox to the bottom and drag “Solution Configurations” to the toolbar

I really can’t take credit for creating this procedure since I found it somewhere else on the web, but I had a lot of trouble re-finding the original posting in my browser history when the dropdown suddenly disappeared from my IDE today. The original posting is located found here.

9 thoughts on “Missing build configuration dropdown in Visual Studio 2008

  1. YAAAY!
    You actually saved my day and you also saved the life of my laptop!
    I was really really close to throw my computer out of the window because I couldnt find any solution to this problem. My day was ruined because this the solution configuration suddenly disappeared from the toolbar and my projekt properties and I couldnt get it back!
    Now its back and I can work again! Thank you dude!
    I still dont know why it disappeared in the first place..

  2. This all makes sense but when I add a Build button it’s all greyed out and un-click-on-able. Start Debugging is also greyed out.

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