Passed my Microsoft ASP.NET certification exam!

Today, after months of steady reading, running small code examples and not to mention, relevant project experience, I passed my ASP.NET certification exam. The formal title of this exam is Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Application Development (70-562) . I can’t remember being quite so happy in a long time.  I felt awfully tired when I finally finished.

During my career I have taken 14 certification tests (and failed once), but this was by far both the longest (3 hours) and most difficult…. or maybe I’m just getting old. I did find the questions a bit long (had to scroll a lot on a small monitor) and focused mainly on stuff related to WCF or/and the UpdatePanel. I wasn’t expecting such an emphasis on WCF to be honest…

I didn’t sleep well last night and this morning, although I felt prepared, I was worried about the sheer size of the curriculum. Would I remember the details under pressure? When studying for the test I used the Microsoft self-paced training kit (all 950+ pages of it!). When reading through this “bible” I took notes in my text editor. When I finally completed the book I had over 5000 lines of notes (no wordwrap)… yeah, I guess that’s a lot of notes.

I’m sure most people have seen the size of the average Microsoft self-paced training kit book, but that’s only half of it really – a basis to get you started. You have to use the online practice tests that accompany the book to stand a chance at passing the exam – that and a lot of clicking on MSDN, which by the way, is a service I have come to appreciate an awfull lot – now that I’m more used to its layout.

This was my first Microsoft exam. It is supposed to be the second part of a two-part certification program to gain the MCTS title. I kind of skipped past the first framework exam since wanted to delve into ASP quickly to help me learn more about it in my current project at work. Looking back now, I think this was a smart move.

So, the next stop for me is the Microsoft .NET Framework – Application Development Foundation (70-536).  I’ve just got a hold of the self-paced training kit for this exam and it’s just over 700 pages so I’m guessing there will be a few notes here too…

Let’s hope it will be worth it. I’m lucky to have a patient wife and family. 🙂


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