The Apple iPad will rock your world

On a recent trip to London I purchased an Apple iPad. I have been using an iPhone for years so I kind of knew what to expect, but the iPad is really something else. It is such a useful tool and has really changed my life to the better in many ways in only a short space of time.

The MobileRSS app and a Google Reader account enables me to follow my RSS news feeds more easily and frequently. The Read It Later app allows me to follow-up on links that I previously have marked for later viewing when I come across them on my PC using the Firefox plugin. I have been using Read It Later for PC/iPhone for a while now, but until now have never be able to find the time to read. However, the thing that has impressed me the most about the iPad is it’s usefulness as an e-book reader.

I started off reading pdf books using the iBooks app – which was OK, but that was before I discovered the ePub format which really makes the whole digital reading experience a lot more enjoyable. iBooks offers more functionality when using ePub including backlight and font adjustment functionality, animated paging, bookmarking (also available for pdf’s), text highlighting, notes, a dictionary and more. Now that I have discovered that both O’Reilly and Manning use ePub for a lot of their books I really don’t see the need for buying paper books anymore. Yes, it really is that good. I am going full digital from now on and hopefully saving a few trees in the process – maybe also a bit of money and some shelf space 🙂

O’Reilly also have a pretty good offer in place to buy digital formats for a reduced price if you already own the paper version of the book and have registered it online at their website. It’s an offer which I have been using to “upgrade” some of my most frequently used O’Reilly books to the ePub format and have them easily accessible on my iPad… or iPhone should I become really desperate. They also have an ebook deal of the day offer in place which I follow.

(99% written and posted using the WordPress application on my iPad)